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Los Angeles Producer Garrett Lodge Makes Waves with ‘Nasty

PRADO” slays in new single ‘They made you for me’

Impossible love has always been one of the most popular, juiciest themes of inspiration for musicians and all other artists, and the 21st century is no different. To this day, our radios and stereos are rocked by eternal ballads of […]

ABM releases classic single ‘Rumba Samba’

One thing we love about the music world is that there’s never any shortage of fascinating young artists that you can discover and fall in love with on the spot. That’s what happened with this wonderful young dancehall, reggae and […]

‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

Mr. Reaper is an artist with a strong focus on inspiration through music. His debut EP, “Repercussions”, came out in 2020, and marked this young artist as one with tremendous potential across the hip-hop scene. Writing music ever since the […]

‘Archangel Royal’ releases new single ‘Lost Voices’

‘Lost Voices’ from ‘Archangel Royal’ is about overcoming negative thoughts that may even be caused by mental illness. ‘Archangel Royal’ is inspired by bands like Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, Stone Sour, Skold, Combichrist, Dawn of Ashes, and many more. ‘Archangel […]

DJ’ing across the globe: Check out DJ Newmark

Radio Show Host, Account Development Specialist, Concert Touring & Mixshow DJ. DJ Newmark has been on the turntables for over 4 decades pleasing crowds around the world.  As a former Oakland Raiders Official DJ, he has performed and worked with a variety of celebrity actors, […]

The new single ‘Chain Gang’ from S.A.E is out now

The new single ‘Chain Gang’ from S.A.E is about jewelry and the pursuit of riches and success. It’s produced by WASABE, one of the producers they work closely with. S.A.E stands for Savages Always Eat. S.A.E are a duo of […]

‘Nyota Parker’ releases stunning album ‘Spectrum’

Rap artist Nyota Parker has developed a truly special and one-of-a-kind sound, which feels like a perfect blend of various influences. From the appeal of modern rap, down to the edge of R&B, anything goes! The artist’s most recent studio […]

GEOMIKE122 releases new project ‘MICHAEL CIOLINO’

We can’t help but love an artist who is unique, and who succeeds in painting a visceral, fascinating picture with the help of his art. Such is the case of artist Geomike122, and his latest hit album “Michael Ciolino”. Although […]

Master Yetí announces new single ‘LuLu Lemon’ Club Remix

Chicago producer and artist, Master Yetí, follows the success of his single ‘Lulu Lemon’ with a much anticipated club remix that dives into a whole new electronic dimension. While the original ‘Lulu Lemon’ has already accumulated over 100,000 streams on […]

‘Julian Knoxx’ releases new single ‘Stay’

Are you one of those people who just loves to crank up the music on the weekends, and just let loose by dancing off the stress and anxiety accumulated over the working week? Us, too! And boy, have we got […]