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PRADO” slays in new single ‘They made you for me’

Impossible love has always been one of the most popular, juiciest themes of inspiration for musicians and all other artists, and the 21st century is no different. To this day, our radios and stereos are rocked by eternal ballads of desire, and secret longing and one that stands out is PRADO’s brand new release “They Made You For Me”.

It’s the sort of song that you know you’ll love from the title, especially if you’re in a soft, tender-hearted mood. But even if you’re not at present suffering for the attention and adoration of your lover, you’ll still have a hard time getting “They Made You For Me” out of your head.

There’s just something, a certain sensual, Latino quality to the entire track that makes it simply unforgettable. Even if you’re not in love, you will be, by the end of this song, and you may well be dancing your love in tango steps. There’s something truly wonderful about “They Made You For Me”, a certain rhythm that goes straight to the heart. Melodic and alert, much like the burning desire the artist sings of. “They Made You For Me” is a very clear message to send to the object of your desires, and together with PRADO’s inimitable, sultry voice, it becomes an invitation that’s impossible to refuse.

Once again, PRADO shows off her undeniable skill as a singer-songwriter by creating a song that’s uniquely relatable, but at the same time, also deeply catchy. You’ll find yourself humming this one when you least expect it, hearing those subtle beats inside your heart, and gently swaying your hips.

Hailing from Brazilian and Cuban ancestry, but growing up in Toronto, Canada, PRADO is a very unique and unusual artist. Her music has a way of blending deep, big-hearted, and passionate Latino vibes with a more Western outlook. Together, these two distinct influences come together to write a song for the hottest streaming playlists and all the lovelorn hearts.