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Ethereal Sounds Unveiled: X-Shai Presents ‘Love Perfect’

Known by the alias Sanda, X-Shai is a versatile artist originating from Accra, Ghana, West Africa, with roots extending to nations such as Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, London, and the Netherlands.

X-Shai’s musical expertise is evident in his powerful piano melodies and captivating percussion arrangements. His compositions effortlessly blend elements from Hip-hop, EDM, Pop, and Afro international Pop, earning him recognition as the heart of Africa and a global musical sensation.

Originally from Accra, Ghana, X-Shai moved to the Bronx, NY, USA, during his childhood, gaining early acclaim for his soccer skills and artistic pursuits. In 2016, he relocated to East Atlanta, Boudercrest, to pursue his entertainment ambitions. His journey into songwriting began in January 2017, marked by the release of his debut track, “Never Loose,” followed by “Can’t Wait” and “No Lie,” all receiving widespread acclaim.

X-Shai’s music has made a significant impact on various radio platforms in the United States, including 77.7 FM Radio Power, StarcomRadionetwork, KCAA Radio Los Angeles, 106.5FM, 102.3 FM, AMD 1050 AM,, WIKIFMRADIO.COM, EAE RADIO NETWORKS, WXEA-107.1, THE Beat, WILD 98.3 Las Vegas, WEVV-HOT 94 MIAMI, KBEX-POWER 107.9 LA, WXEA-HOT 94.7, POWER 102.5 NEW YORK, as well as in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, and the African World.