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SMITH Releases New Single “Run” A Fresh Retro Revival

Grammy-nominated artist, SMITH, has just dropped her latest single, “Run,” blending classic 80s influences with contemporary alt/pop sounds. Following the success of her viral hit “Lemon,” SMITH continues to push musical boundaries, proving her versatility and innovative approach to music production.

The song’s minimalist production style accentuates SMITH’s vocals (which undoubtedly are the centerpiece of the track), allowing for a powerful echo that complements a deep bass groove. This artistic choice not only showcases SMITH’s talent but also creates a memorable sound that resonates with audiences.

Lyrically, “Run” captures the listener with its spooky yet captivating chorus, adding depth and intrigue to the song’s overall vibe. The lyrics, combined with the music’s groove, make for an immersive listening experience that is both exciting and thought-provoking.

Coming off a successful year, with over 150 million streams worldwide and a Grammy nomination, SMITH is not slowing down. “Run” builds on her recent achievements, including her historic chart success across multiple radio genres with “Lemon” and her recognition as a TikTok emerging artist.

With “Run,” SMITH not only pays homage to the music of the 80s but also brings it into the modern era with her unique twist. The single is already gaining traction, since SMITH has been featured on American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest and receiving positive feedback across various platforms. A music video is slated for release in mid-April, and a solo USA tour is scheduled for the summer, promising to bring SMITH’s vibrant energy and innovative music to fans nationwide.

“Run” is now available on all major streaming platforms, marking another exciting chapter in SMITH’s rapidly rising career. With its captivating blend of retro and modern elements, “Run” is set to be a hit, further cementing SMITH‘s status as a leading figure in the alternative pop music scene.