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New single ‘Somebody To Somebody’ from ‘Jade Latrice’ perfectly compliments her ever-soulful, always-smooth vocal performance.

Returning to the airwaves after an impressive breakthrough in 2021, rising R&B star Jade Latrice once again demonstrates why she is one of the genre’s prime candidates to take over the airwaves in 2022 and beyond. ‘Somebody To Somebody’ premieres on January 28th, 2022, and comes hot off the heels of her prior release, ‘Make It Home’, which went on to chart at #7 on the Digital Radio Tracker charts.

An R&B and Soul specialist in her own right, her first single of the year, Somebody To Somebody, perfectly encapsulates how Jade Latrice translates her thoughts into sound. With a groove-packed foundation of broken-beat drums, syncopated bass and emotive synthesis, the track perfectly compliments Jade’s ever-soulful, always-smooth vocal performance. It’s soulful to the core, with lyrics that exert an air of relatability as they narrate the constant push and pull that comes with all relationships.

A soulful reminder that you always come first – it’s Jade’s elegant voice, lyrical depth, and confidence behind the microphone that has come to define her signature sound.

“Somebody to Somebody represents who you are. No matter what life challenges are and ups and downs with friendships and relationships. You are somebody to somebody.”

Jade Latrice 

Released on CSP Music Group and produced by in-house producer TryBishop, ‘Somebody To Somebody’ is set for release on January 28, 2022


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