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‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

Mr. Reaper is an artist with a strong focus on inspiration through music. His debut EP, “Repercussions”, came out in 2020, and marked this young artist as one with tremendous potential across the hip-hop scene. Writing music ever since the tender age of 13, Mr. Reaper has had ample time to hone his skill both as a singer and as a songwriter. And his latest hit single, “Awaken”, only serves to prove that.

“Awaken” stands out immediately as a song borne out of passion. For music. But also for life. Mr. Reaper is an flavorful individual, one who’s tasted life, both in its highs and lows, and lived to tell the tale. He imbibes his songs with stories, and observations about life, both in a general, but also in a deeply personal sense.

And through his music, it’s obvious he’s trying to reach across the divide and form a connection with his listeners, but also to embolden them. To live their best lives, and be more creative. Ascertain themselves, and chase their dreams. That’s the purpose of truly good music, and Mr. Reaper plays the part flawlessly – that of mentor, of gentle encourager.

“Awaken” is a vibrant, lively track, whose rhythm plays a subtle, underscored game with your feelings, and your mind. Naturally, it helps that Mr. Reaper is blessed with such a deep and emotive voice, to better outline the emotional woes of both himself and his listeners.

It’s a deeply personal piece about one man’s internal struggle to “keep movin’, no matter what you throw at me”. On the first listen, it feels almost too intimate. Like you’re listening to something that maybe you shouldn’t be. But then, you play it again, and realize you’re not. That maybe you should be listening to this, to figure out where you yourself are going.

“Awaken” is, beyond a doubt, a rare treat, and a hidden gem in the current music scene, that cements Mr. Reaper’s standing as one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists today.