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Interview: Zpextre

Zpextre, Can you tell us about your latest single, Save it for the Kids?       As a child, I was able to dream and imagine my future.  Innocence allowed me to wander through the development of my mind to be who […]

The new single from rapper ‘D. Lewis’ is ‘Jazzy’

D. Lewis has released a song entitled “Jazzy”. He talks about it here saying “Jazzy” is a term I sometimes use to describe something or someone that’s vibrant, cool, or stylish. I enjoy the finer things in life and often […]

Musgea releases new single ‘Move Ahead’

Musgea is a researcher who took interest in singing/songwriting. He aspires to use his mathematical knowledge in making interesting music. His new single is entitled ‘Move Ahead’ He says about the song “Move Ahead is a song I wrote to […]