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Mike Flips, Nord1kone & Seize – “Life Cycles” Furious Flow: A Boom-Bap Revolution

If there’s one album to get caught up in this year, it’s “Life Cycles” — a collaborative masterpiece from international trio Mike Flips, Nord1kone, and Seize. This isn’t just music; it’s a journey through existence, pulsating with profound beats and thought-provoking lyrical craftsmanship.

Beginnings and Ends

The album brilliantly unfolds with “The Business of Life”. The clever use of an antenna tuning us into a world of existential musings feels both nostalgic and innovative. The vocal proclaims: “Hey You – excuse me?… they’re all getting on with the business of life,” we are immediately taken into the heart of the album’s central theme.

Diverse Landscapes

Venturing into the Run The Jewels-esque fervor of “Lows and Highs”, we witness their sheer brilliance. They integrates vintage with the current, proving why he’s a force in the boom bap production scene. “Better Days”, with its head-nodding grooves, channels some Andre 3000 zest while saluting the unmistakable Beastie Boys influence, proving that Nord1kone’s San Francisco roots, soaked in rich hip-hop history, shine brightly.

The title track “Life Cycles” is a melancholic reflection. A soulful nod to the legendary J Dilla, it encapsulates the full spectrum of human experience. As we move through the album, each track not only speaks to the life phase it represents but also to the artists’ undeniable ability to coalesce their individual skills into a harmonious rhythm.

A Sonic Odyssey

“Knock Knock” stands out with its interstellar soundscape and cosmic grooves, while grounded in an earthly foundation.

“Throw Em Further” and “Flow State featuring The I.M.F” are the epitomes of nostalgic modernism. The former carries the nostalgia of classic rock grooves, and the latter dives deep into introspection, reinforced by heart-rending lines like “Ever since I lost my brother, my soul never recovered.The I.M.F. responds : “It never will, but we can build ‘cause we got each other.” These tracks are emblematic of the album’s blend of reminiscence and forward-thinking.

Final Thoughts

Drawing to its conclusion, “All Over Again” is not just a song but a mantra. The echoing voice, “It’s the cycle of life, things are born, they grow, reproduce, and die – then it starts all over again,” leaves listeners with the urge to revisit the album, while contemplatively pondering life’s perpetual cycle.

Mike Flips and Seize‘s classic boom bap sounds paired with the poetic articulations of Nord1kone make “Life Cycles” an immersive odyssey. It’s a salute to past hip-hop legends while pushing boundaries for the future. This album isn’t just about highs or lows; it’s about every moment in between, a genuine reflection on life and its inexorable rhythms.

In a world where albums come and go, “Life Cycles” is one that will linger in your soul, urging you to reflect, dance, and above all, live life to its fullest, from one cycle to the next.


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