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Experience Military Kasi Rap with Bricka Iphanta’s ‘Soldier On A Mission 2.0

South African military rapper Bricka Iphanta has triumphantly returned to the music scene with the release of his highly-anticipated album, “Soldier On A Mission 2.0.” This new album marks the next exciting chapter in his musical journey, building upon his previous projects, including “Soldier On A Mission” (2014), “Dozen Tape” (2017), and “The Con032scious Mixtape” (2019). Bricka Iphanta’s musical odyssey commenced in 2012, consistently captivating audiences with his lyrical prowess and unique storytelling.

“Soldier On A Mission 2.0” boasts an impressive 20-song tracklist, a monumental collection that showcases Bricka Iphanta’s artistic evolution and growth. Each track has been carefully curated to offer top-notch production while staying true to the album’s thematic core, ensuring a connection with a broad audience.

Bricka Iphanta’s musical genre, “Military Kasi Rap Hip Hop,” is a distinctive blend of lyrics rooted in township experiences, intertwined with military terminology and soundscapes—a reflection of his life’s narrative and the environment that fuels his creative process.

Bricka Iphanta’s musical journey commenced during his school years in 2004, drawing inspiration from artists like KZN rapper Shon G. Over the years, his passion for music flourished, culminating in the release of his debut single in 2012. His path took a unique turn when he joined the South African Military in 2008, temporarily pausing his music career for basic military training. However, his love for music remained unwavering, and he returned to the music scene stronger than ever.

Throughout his journey, Bricka Iphanta has shared stages with renowned artists such as Pro Kid, T-Bo Touch, Busi, Beast RSA, Duncan, Zakwe, and Siya Shezi. His tracks have found a home on prominent radio stations, including Metro FM, YFM, Ukhozi FM, and Gagasi FM. Additionally, his music videos have been featured on Channel O and MTV Base.

“Soldier On A Mission 2.0 LP” serves as a reflection of Bricka Iphanta’s life experiences, spanning from his upbringing in the township of Tongaat to his years in the South African military since 2008. The album delves into a wide range of themes, offering personal perspectives, addressing challenges, proposing solutions, and imparting wisdom to his audience.

The album’s lead single, “YES,” produced by 12 Gauge, provides a glimpse into Bricka Iphanta’s artistic evolution and his commitment to delivering meaningful and impactful content. With its catchy hook-driven sample, “YES” serves as a promising introduction to the album’s rich storytelling.

In addition to “YES,” Bricka Iphanta has unveiled six more singles designed for radio and social media promotions. These include “BLESSED,” “PALESA,” “UNGRATEFUL,” “CELEBRATION OF A SOLDIER,” and “THE STREETS,” collectively showcasing his artistic growth and the project’s overarching message.

Bricka Iphanta draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, spanning from Kwaito legends like Zola and Mandoza to contemporary rap artists like Beast RSA, Styles P, and Ab Soul. His sound is an amalgamation of hip-hop, Kwaito, and military-inspired elements, creating a distinctive blend that resonates with a diverse audience.

Despite the challenges of balancing a military career and music, Bricka Iphanta has managed to find a harmonious equilibrium. He acknowledges the discipline and structure instilled by the military and applies it to his music career. The South African Military has been supportive, allowing him the flexibility to pursue both passions.

“Soldier On A Mission 2.0” encapsulates Bricka Iphanta’s mission: “DEFEND & ENTERTAIN.” His ambition is to become the most influential rapper within the SADC Region’s military, using his lyrics to educate, inspire, and motivate his audience.

Bricka Iphanta’s musical philosophy centers around discipline, maintaining the image of a soldier on a mission, and leveraging his music to make a positive impact on society. His message to his fans is one of learning from past mistakes, discovering one’s purpose, and relentlessly striving for self-improvement.

“Soldier On A Mission 2.0” is poised to reshape the South African music landscape, cementing Bricka Iphanta’s standing as a prominent artist. His unwavering dedication to both his military and music careers stands as a testament to his resilience and commitment to his craft.

Soldier On A Mission 2.0 is out now on all major platforms.