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The Lion King: The Gift – Beyoncé

In the lead-up to the release of The Lion King: The Gift, a collection of music inspired by the 2019 reboot of the classic Disney film, Beyoncé remarked that the project was meant to be “a love letter to Africa”. […]

Utopia – M Huncho

Previously hiding his identity behind a balaclava, north-west London rapper M Huncho switched to a bespoke mask for the release of his first full-length mixtape. His intention is to present a less intimidating image, and it’s a move befitting the […]


The more music Dave makes, the more out of step his prosaic stage name seems. The richness and daring of his songwriting has already been granted an Ivor Novello Award—for “Question Time”, 2017’s searing address to British politicians—and on his […]

Mad Move – Loski

“There are a few truthful rappers,” Loski tells Apple Music. “But there aren’t a lot of them. Everything I’m saying is truthful. My whole life I was in trouble with the police and I was literally stuck on my block. […]

Home Alone – D-Block Europe

When New York rap heavyweight Jadakiss lent his patronage—and the name of his D Block label—to D-Block Europe in 2013, it served noticed that the South London collective was one of UK rap’s most promising acts. Strikingly cohesive and consistent, […]

Harverd Dropout – Lil Pump

From doing over-the-top music videos with Charlie Sheen to declaring himself the most lyrical rapper, provocation is an integral part of what makes the notorious Miami MC’s full-throated, trap-informed anthems so beloved by fans—and so bewildering to the haters. Harverd […]

AJ Tracey – AJ Tracey

EDITORS’ NOTES AJ Tracey knew his own mind when approaching his long-anticipated debut album. “I’m versatile and I do what I want,” the West Londoner tells Apple Music. “If people don’t want me to branch out and try new things, […]

Third Avenue – Fredo

“Most of my mixtapes all had songs I’d written while I was in jail,” Fredo tells Apple Music. “This is all different. I was free the whole time and put a lot of time and thought into it. This is […]

Championships – Meek Mill

Meek Mill knows how to make an entrance. “Dreams and Nightmares”, the opening track from his 2012 debut, became one of the most chantable rap songs of the era. “Intro”, the opener from the rapper’s fourth studio album, Championships, revisits […]