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‘Marz’ drops his epic supersonic rap odyssey ‘Marz on Earth’

One of the things I love about music is that everyone can find something to like about it. Regardless of who you are, what your mood is or your general vibe, you can still find something worthwhile in an artist, that will turn you from a random listener into a loyal fan.

That was the case for me with this next artist I’m going to talk about. The Real King Marz is an American singer and songwriter, influential on the modern rapping scene. Coming out of Logan, West Virginia, Marz has been putting out good music consistently for four years now, and his latest release, “Marz on Earth”, is a true testimonial to this artist’s unique vision and skill.

The album is appropriately entitled, as it really is about Earth, and even more importantly, about the various struggles humanity faces. And interestingly enough, Marz manages to turn this land of difficulty into something of a common ground. Through an easy to like kind of beat and a catchy set of lyrics, Marz unites through music and appeals to everyone who’s struggled with these hardships. In his songs, you can find a clear sense of unity, regardless who where you come from or what your particular experience is.

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One particular track that stands out to me (on this album loaded with little-known gems) is the song “Application”. With a slightly esoteric vibe,

The Real King Marz brings out a powerful song, filled by emotion. It’s a love tune, a dedication and declaration of devotion. And the main recipient of this declaration is none other than Marz’s young daughter, who seems to have inspired much of this album.

The level of devotion this artist has for his family shines through each track and really manages to touch you, the listener. It gives you something to relate over, and brings you closer to this talented rapper.

Marz on Earth” is about the Real King Marz’s experience on this world, but it’s also about your own experience. It’s a wonderfully relatable piece of work, one that really cements Marz’s position as one of the most gifted artists on the scene today.