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CHASING TUNES R&B CHAMPS OF 2020: ‘Linnon Stylz’ presents new single ‘Crown Me’ (The New King of R’n’B)

Haven’t heard of Linnon Stylz yet? Where have you been living all this while, underneath some sort of rock? ‘Cause that’s the only imaginable explanation why you ain’t heard of this brand new age of R&B. And honestly, I suggest you get yourself out from under that rock as quickly as possible, so that you don’t miss it.

Here’s the thing. I’ll be a pal and catch you up to speed to this revolution that’s taking place on the music scene. Linnon Stylz is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter out of Detroit, Michigan. He’s also the founder of his very own independent record label, meant to breathe new life into the R&B music scene and give young talent a voice.
Overall, he’s a pretty cool dude, all in all.

He sings from the heart, driven by an obvious love and passion for making quality music. Having followed this dream of his from the young age of three, Linnon Stylz is on fire, these days, and gives no sign of stopping from creating good tunes.

His latest, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is a modern take on what was once a super-popular music genre. The track title might seem a bit presumptuous at first, but only if you haven’t heard any of Linnon’s stuff. ‘Cause once you have, you’ll understand just what he’s taking about and why he dares make such an impressive claim.

Stylz manages to capture exactly what it means to be an R’n’B lover and creator. The passion, the inherent jazziness of the genre. The love for good rhythm.


“Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is a swag-filled tune that makes you move your body and bop your head to the music.

It’s also the perfect track to inspire a new generation, not only to discover a new love of R’n’B, but also to follow their passion. Because Stylz has obviously got heart, and by seeing someone do what they love successfully, his listeners also feel like they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Not only a musician, but an overall inspiration, Stylz truly is the new King of R’n’B.