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‘Zavier’ has a sound that is truly original and sets him apart from his peers on new single ‘Forever’

Zavier releases his brand new single ‘Forget You’. He says “Forget you is a split memory of the things that I couldn’t forget , whether it was good or bad It was memorable and it taught me a lot”.

Zavier is an independent singer, songwriter, producer and actor who has a cultural background that makes his sound truly original and sets him apart from his peers. Born in New York, grew up in Morocco, also lived in Barbados, and he’s now back in the Big Apple.

He made his debut as a musical artist earlier this year with the release of his single “Gotta Pass.” He followed shortly thereafter with the four song EP “One Thing About Me (Deluxe). His sound is a mellow mix of R&B/Pop tunes and downtempo Emo Trap grooves.


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