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WENDINMI Releases Classic Single ‘Welcome to Vegas’

With summer here, you are sure to be looking for a new exciting track that can really bring up the energy to any party or gathering you host. Producer, songwriter, and singer Wendinmi’s new single Welcome to Las Vegas, is sure to do exactly that as it combines influences from his life into an up-beat song. Wendinmi, who was originally born in Burkina Faso, moved to the United States over a decade ago to pursue his dream of making music. He chose to settle in Las Vegas, a city that he found exciting and full of life. In Las Vegas, he started producing music and unleashing his creativity in many creative endeavors.

While music, is not the only creative endeavor that Wendinmi is involved in, it is definitely the one where he brings out most of his talents as he combines modern beats and afrobeat into one song that is sure to excite and awaken your spirit. His new track, Welcome to Las Vegas combines modern beats with a high tempo, and uses multiple rhythms and percussive elements to add to the richness of the track.  The Afrobeat influence is also present in the song which really combines elements of his own culture with the bright lights and high energy of Las Vegas. The song is an ode to the city and it has the same upbeat high energy that the city has, making the listener want to get up and dance or even to take the first plane available to the city where fortunes can be made in a single night.