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Los Angeles Producer Garrett Lodge Makes Waves with ‘Nasty

The new single from rapper ‘D. Lewis’ is ‘Jazzy’

D. Lewis has released a song entitled “Jazzy”.

He talks about it here saying “Jazzy” is a term I sometimes use to describe something or someone that’s vibrant, cool, or stylish. I enjoy the finer things in life and often express that through creativity, how I dress & how I carry myself. The story behind this song is about me reaching a point in life where I realized what was holding me back. I had to let some relationships go due to the excess baggage they were bringing into my life.

Growing up in Chicago, I always had to hustle. I’m a man who’s on a mission. Often misunderstood…I’ve been told I’m ahead of my time. What sets me apart from most other artists is not only do I fully produce my own sound like I did this song, but I’m not afraid to try something different opposed to what’s already mainstream. As I continue to grow as a music producer, my sound as an artist evolves as well.