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The music streaming platform, Naijatastic is giving artists a big voice across Africa!

The music streaming platform, Naijatastic, based in Nigeria has since its establishment in January 2017 gained massive support and use by upcoming independent music artists across Africa, especially in Nigeria. Currently, Naijatastic has more than 200,000 active monthly listeners and more than 10,000 registered indie artists. This is not surprising as many similar music platforms based in Nigeria and offering the same services only allow the upload of a single track by any artist after payment. This has been the trend before the emergence of Naijatastic coming to the scene and offering the same level of service and even better for free!

The development of music in Africa is championed by the world’s most populous black nation, with several Nigerian artists making the continent proud in different parts of the world. This is evidenced by the recent Grammy Winning sensations – Burna Boy and Wizkid in early 2021. This shows that the African continent, and Nigeria has many hidden gems and an enormous talent base that has not been fully explored. Naijatastic is poised to give these artists a voice and serve as a platform to help showcase these talents as they hustle to make it to stardom.

Although the platform is focused on Nigeria and most artists who upload their music on the platform are Nigerians, it is easily accessible to other artists on the African continent. Other African indie artists are encouraged to upload their music to this very promising music streaming platform and connect with Nigerian artists in Nigeria and worldwide. Collaboration in music is highly beneficial, because it usually results in something better than an artist could ever have made individually. It’s basically a combination of two creatives’ skills, styles, and knowledge, in one song. Having a profile on Naijatastic gives you this opportunity because there is a direct messaging system on the platform for registered users.

As the African music entertainment industry is gaining widespread acceptance worldwide and increased playlisting on Spotify, AudioMack, and BoomPlay, it is important for artists to consider other players like Naijatastic which is more indigenously built and locally focused to help them reach international recognition.

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