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Dale Digitale and Hashtagman - Aqua

S.T.B.G. Music Productions aka Mark W. Pollard has made many albums

S.T.B.G. Music Productions aka Mark W. Pollard is a music producer who also works in his other profession of AutoBody Painting, Custom Painting, AutoBody Work And Mechanic Work.

He has 87 songs and stories Copyrights on Certificates on and runs S.T.B.G. Music Productions. He was once homeless and on the streets until now and says “I Love Vehicles I always wanted to follow that trade and also make music”

He has made many albums including in Store S.T.B.G. The Upcoming S.T.B.G., The Return S.T.B.G., The Next Arrival and S.T.B.G. Live At The Lab S.T.B.G. The Early Years And is now on