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Rihanna reportedly pulled out of performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Rihanna reportedly pulled out of performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because she wasn’t ready to perform new material.

The singer was due to unveil a brand-new track at the high-profile runway show next Tuesday (10Nov15), but cancelled with just days to go. Sources close to the star claim Rihanna didn’t feel confident about showcasing the previously unheard music, so decided not to appear at the New York event.
“She’s still working on some stuff and (the music) isn’t to a point where she wants to perform it,” a source told Page Six. “Things are supposed to be further along, but she’s still not ready.”

While some insiders claim the material isn’t yet finished, other sources insist Rihanna does have a fresh track to perform. However, it has been suggested that the 27-year-old star decided it was more important to continue working on the rest of her new album, so put that before the fashion show.
“She does have something to perform,” another source told the publication. “But the album isn’t finished yet, and finishing it is the priority. She couldn’t take the time to rehearse and perform and finish the album. It just all didn’t come together.”

Rihanna has already revealed the artwork and name of her upcoming eighth record, Anti, but a release date is so far yet to be confirmed. Her father recently claimed that there was still a great deal of work to be done on the album, which is her first release since 2012’s Unapologetic.
“Robyn is not happy with the new album,” Ronald Fenty told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “She’s not comfortable with it. When she went over the songs she found all these little things she wanted to change and was worried about it. It’s a long process and isn’t easy.”

There have been reports Rihanna will showcase new songs in a special appearance on Saturday Night Live in the next few months. The star has been replaced at the Victoria’s Secret show by British singer Ellie Goulding. While Ellie has enjoyed success around the world, insiders are believed to be disappointed that Rihanna had to be replaced at the last minute. “She’s no Rihanna,” a source added to Page Six.

“It is what it is,” another insider commented. “It hasn’t seemed that anyone is upset. It’s business as usual. They’re just relieved that everything is still moving and are thrilled Ellie was able to pick the ball up on such short notice. They’re pumped that she’s game.”