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Nick Raym talks to Chasing Tunes about new single ‘Gone in a Vibe’

Chasing Tunes caught up with up and coming artist Nick Raym who was Born in Milan, Italy.

The brand new single from Nick Raym ‘ Gone in a Vibe’ is out on 22 May 2017 with distribution via Universal Music Operations.

How would you describe your music ?

Music of protest, rebellion. It usually has double meanings, as one meaning comes from the heart and the other one from the brain. The heart one is the meaning on the girl I love, which will be the subject of my songs for a very long time, at least I hope. Because if I stop making music about her it means I failed in getting her…

What is your new single about and where did the inspiration come from ?

‘Gone In a Vibe’, surprisingly, does have a double meaning! Woo! First of all what is ’Gone In a Vibe’ is the remembrance by some people of terrible acts such the Holocaust, but also it refers to the person I love. Given the rest of the answer maybe I shouldn’t have started with a ‘Woo’…

Do you have any celebrity crushes ?

I have only one rule’ Barney Stinson once said (more than once for sure, I have seen all ‘How I Met your mother’ episodes, and he says that a lot, it’s really a thing).

Never have a crush for a celebrity!

What do you think makes your sound unique ?

The deepness and the strive to express messages which are controversial in today’s music where only ‘fake’ lyrics dominate. Especially when these ‘fake’ lyrics are made for somebody else to sing with.

What are the 5 things you can’t live without ?

Music, earphones, mac, headphones, pianola. I took also my headphones with my because we all know that earphones break easily. Headphones are a must to really listen to music. However earphones so good on the go!

What are your top songs in the charts right now ?

I don’t really listen to music in charts, however if I need to choose one ‘Bounce Back’ by Big Sean.

CT: Thanks Nick and good luck with your success we predict some chart action

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