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New Music Release: K Beats Jumanji

Kananelo Moalusi better known by his performance name “K.Beats” is a South African rapper, songwriter and producer. 


K.Beats began rapping at the early age of 13 years and has since worked with local African artists such as Fifi and Michael and producers such as Eazzy, to name a few. 


K.Beats has released several Mixtapes including “Off The Top”, “Excuse the Heart” and “A.R.A.B.

Now, releases his brand new and latest production – the gritty and exciting Hip Hop MixTape – Jumanji’. The Mixtape features Producers Eazzy, Pete Sumchin and K.Beats himself, offering a combination of styles and beats.


Jumanji showcases K.Beats versatility as an artist and features a mix of upbeat Hip Hop and melodic rap ballads.


The main plug singles ‘Bamm’ & ‘Jumanji are killer hook tracks and more gentle rhymes like ‘Letter To My Granny’ show K.Beats softer side.


Hook it in and put the volume up – This is K.Beats – JUMANJI