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Marietta Grant showcases a range of emotion in her new single ‘That’s Why’

The world of R&B continues to grow and expand all the time, since there’s a lot of creativity and growth to be had here. The most important thing about artists like Marietta is that they continue to bring in front a lot of interesting music that spans over multiple music genres, while still pushing the boundaries and keeping things fresh and interesting all the time. This new tune from Marietta manages to be quite fun, while also showing the sensitivity that most of us have, especially when it comes to love.

Marietta is not new to the world of music. She started writing music in 2010, and since then she managed to impress people quite a bit with her engaging, fun lyrics and a lot of creativity. She is widely known for combining soul music and R&B with some pop elements. This brings in an amazing way for her to express herself, while coming up with content that’s refreshing, creative, but still full of interesting ideas for you to explore.

What makes That’s Why such an interesting tune is the fact that it maintains a true focus on her day to day life and the challenges she faces all the time. It’s one of those tunes which show exactly how life can sometimes get in the way of love. Yet all you have to do is to understand why love is so powerful and how it can overcome any obstacles.

It’s one of those feel-good tunes that constantly encourage you to try out something new, push past all those challenges and never give up. It shows that regardless of the challenges that might appear, you always need to commit to value and growth. This is a song about hope, one that shows how important love and happiness are in today’s day and age. It shows that no matter who you are or the situations you are facing, there’s always that special someone in your life that will help make things feel different and which you always go to in order to get help or advice.

One of the most appealing things in this song is the wide range of emotions shown by Marietta. She clearly showcases a lot of emotions when it comes to her love, while showing just how determined she is to express her true feelings and never give up.

Marietta’s new song is a work of art, one of those feel-good songs that you really need nowadays. It’s more important than ever for us to find a way to express ourselves and also let those important people in our life know how we feel about them. We believe that it’s incredibly important to show off the true feelings you have and how they are making changes. Marietta manages to show that with her songs, and it’s certainly something distinctive, different, yet still engaging and a lot of fun. Don’t hesitate and listen to her new single today if you want to embrace a great melodic line, catchy tunes and a great way to show off your feelings!

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