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Jake Bugg shares his thoughts on The Stone Roses


Jake Bugg has shared his thoughts on the new The Stone Roses track.

Bugg, who has supported the iconic Manchester band on tour, told Shortlist: “It’s just Stone Roses, innit? I’m not a fan.”

Bugg also defended the fact he co-wrote numerous tracks from his first two albums with professional songwriters, something which Noel Gallagher once said he was “f**king heartbroken” about.

“I don’t care, to be honest,” Bugg said. “If I didn’t agree to [write with other people] in the first place, I wouldn’t have got a record deal. People call it selling out, but if you don’t compromise, you might not get a chance to continue playing music. And on this record [new album ‘On My One’] I didn’t write with anybody so it gave me the chance to experiment.”

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