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“I wrote this track with such passion and emotion” says ‘Lil Rraz” Ferraz’ who drops new single ‘On My Own’

New Artist Vitor “Lil Rraz” Ferraz is a Brazilian born Producer/Artist. Born in 1999 (22 Years old) at the big city of “Belo Horizonte, Brasil”. At the age of 7 he moved to the UK, living in East London but then later moved to Bedford/Bedfordshire where he would develop his love for music and grow up. He grew up listening to Artists such as: OutKast, 50 Cent, Tyrese and Romeo Santos. He is heavly influence by XXXTENTACION and Ronny J who was/are very diverse Artists. Throughout his years, Lil Rraz self taught how to produce and record music. All his music is Produced by Himself, Mix and Mastered, and everyday he is learning more… There is more to come from this Artist.

He says “This track is about a low time in my life where everything didnt seem to be going right for me. One day i said to myself “F*ck this!” and decided to just do it “ON MY OWN”. I wrote this track with such passion and emotion”.