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‘Gregory Julas’ speaks about new single “Better Than I Do”

‘Gregory Julas‘ speaks about the world and his new single “Better Than I Do”.

‘Crazy times lately? Yes, I agree. I’m a bit of a social activist at heart. So lately I’m writing about maintaining identity in the middle of a lot of deception and corruption in the world, Oppression, deception, and other harms to humanity have been written about for a long time by rock (and other) songwriters , One needs to sift through the corruption to find out what is really going on, and what is really relevant and wise in these difficult times, and what to stand up against.. The songwriters I love, really expose these things in their songs and that is what I want to do as well, but in different times and settings. I take my influences from Grunge, Hard Rock, and Metal. I am really focused right now as a songwriter and plan on pounding out a lot of new Grunge, Hard Rock and Metal. I am experimenting a lot with voice distortion lately and am really digging it a lot. So plan to here a lot of that from my newer songs, like “Better Than I Do”.


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