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From the mind of author and actress ‘Katrina Kusa’ comes the unstoppable and fierce W!G. with new single ‘Candy Land’

From the mind of author and actress Katrina Kusa comes the unstoppable and fierce W!G.

Combining her talents of acting and writing with her love of music, Katrina is sharing her new artist persona W!G with a debut single Candy Land that shifts her entire sound and brand into a new direction.

W!G shares, “W!G is an inspiring and powerful force. She illustrates her own unique story with her paintbrush. W!G fights for her dreams, big or or small and encourages others to be true to themselves and follow their passions.

Candy Land, W!G’s debut single, is a pop record that features a sing-song cadence and catchy melodies atop a modern production. W!G shares, “Candy Land is an inspiring song for all ages with a colorful visual concept. This song is about the growing pains we face as we get older and losing that innocence we have as children. It’s like your reality melting right in front of your eyes.

W!G goes on to share, “I hope listeners will feel that they don’t have to change who they are, act older, or be someone they are not to impress anyone. Candy Land, and W!G, are all about embracing yourself and not being afraid to show who you truly are.”

Candy Land is available on all streaming platforms.