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Echolily’s new single “Under the Clocks (Stay)” manages to capture all the complexities of being in love in the 21st century

There’s something indescribably beautiful about old school tapes. Something about that vintage music that modern stuff just can’t seem to capture… or can it? In the world of avid music listeners, there seem to be two sides, one for the old, one for the new. And then, there’s the people like Echolily, who somehow manage to take everything that’s beautiful about old school type music and breathe new life into it.

Echolily is an artist like no other, and we’re not paying her empty compliments here. Her style of signing is unique – soft and beautiful, but also with a certain, well-disguised edge to it. Her latest release, “Under the Clocks (Stay)”, sets a memorable, haunting atmosphere. Sweet and quiet, making you feel like you alone know about it. It’s a journey in and of itself, but more often than not, one that’s deeply personal. A journey inside your own mind because this one artist seems to know you better than you do yourself. And with her undeniable gift for making music, she travels deep inside your soul and lodges herself there.

“Under the Clocks (Stay)” isn’t a song you listen to once and then it’s over. No. “Under the Clocks” is a song that gets inside your head and makes you worship it. Because it’s quiet. Because it understands, even when you don’t have the strength to understand yourself. It’s the sort of song that offers a helping hand through hard times. Put simply, it might be just the song you need to pull you through a rough patch.

Originally from Melbourne, Echolily sings with a voice that is powerful, but also kind. Understanding, yet emboldening. Waking you up from even the deepest, strangest slumbers. But look where we’ve gotten to… see what just one listen will do to you? Echolily has a gift for bringing out the poetic even in those of us who aren’t so by nature. Even if just for that, you need to do yourself a favor and check “Under the Clocks (Stay)” out.

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