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CHASING TUNES VALENTINES DAY DROPS 2020: The incredible ‘Christopher The Grey’ gives us the wonderful and fun ‘Butterflies’ on Valentines Day

“The incredible ‘Christopher The Grey’ gives us the wonderful and fun ‘Butterflies’ on Valentines Day”Chasing Tunes UK

From the very first beats, ‘Butterflies’ is a track that captivates the listener, making it difficult for them to put down their headphones. In Christopher the Grey’s latest tune, there’s a perfect fusion of sound and lyrics, which just draws you in, compelling you to listen over and over. It’s no easy feat for any artist, surely, but the Grey manages to attract new listeners almost flawlessly.

His voice, a combination of deep, smooth flow and wonderful musicality is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to fall in love with a new artist (and aren’t we all?). And what better song to do it on than one that is about love?

‘Whenever you’re near, it’s butterflies,’ the Grey sings in his laid-back, yet involved tone of voice, lending the lyrics just enough depth so that the listener can relate to them and to the eternal confusion of new love.


At the same time, ‘Butterflies’ manages to retain a relaxed, happy sound that allows you to just listen and feel good, not really reading too much into it. Bottom line is, listening to the Grey is a wise choice, whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment.

You can cry, you can smile, you can daydream about your loved one, ‘Butterflies’ is there for you.

Christopher the Grey charms you through every beat and the very next thing you want to do is listen to some more of his songs, which is fortunate, because his entire 2019 EP ‘Not So Common’ is available on Spotify. Overall, it offers an interesting selection of feel-good music and mellow, love tracks (‘I Am Sorry’ is a particular favourite). It makes for excellent listening when you’re driving to work or working out and it’s great if you just want to relax after a long day.

Christopher the Grey should be an established name on the music scene by now, having discovered his deep love of music at a very young age. Unfortunately, some tragic experiences in his personal life, such as the untimely loss of his parents, both artists as well, at a fairly young age, have led him to take an extended break from creating music, which is why you’re only hearing about him now.

The good news is, Christopher the Grey is finally back and with more passion than ever.

With classical influences, such as Prince, Public Enemy and Rakim, he promises to put out many great things in the near future.

We suggest you keep an eye on him.