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CHASING HOT HIP-HOP: ‘Tick Tock Q’ and ‘Day G’ drop the mesmerising and sexy ‘Rolling High’ to get you in the mood.

The North American music industry teems with variety of talents. The hip hop music is born in America.

The rap is the creation of this region. Out of the thousand vocalists few are the individuals who make their space among audience.

Tick Tock Q and Day G hail from the New York, they have been working for melodies since last couple of years. The duo has cracked the music industry with their single piercing track. The audacity and the way they have highlighted the most debated George Floyd incident in their track.

Rolling High is the presentation of Tick Tock Q and Day G. the social media is appealing quite fan following for the track. The most positive aspect of the track is cinematography and composition. The videography poses the party situation with catchy tunes of guitar in the beginning of the track. With the very short timing of the track Tick Tock Q and Day G have produced the necessary effect. Rolling High is the echo of sentiments. The rap is sometimes considered a party music but this is one side of coin. The Rolling High has embodied the rap intro true illustration of emotions.

Tick Tock Q and Day G may have more or less two year trace of music industry but their Rolling High project has nowhere given the feel of newbie music. The realistic impression of human reactions has enshrined the whole track with portrayal of mixed feelings.

Tick Tock Q and Day G have put their first step to become voice of future.