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Read about 'Plead The Fifth' from Dejhare

CHASING AMBIENT ELECTRONIC WORLD DROPS: Mad-Hop Records deliver a diverse, beautiful and global world sound as they take you around the world with ambient world beats, far off eastern voices, apocalyptic pads, mysterious flutes and a jazzy but classical vibe on new drop ‘Mad Hop Vol. 9’

Since 2009, when Mad-Hop started as the group, we’re constantly creating a meeting platform for creative artists from all over the world who are not afraid to experiment with music and image representing individuality of styles for fans. Mad […]

Chasing Tunes catches up with Coracle from Leeds

Coracle is a project by Leeds based producer and professional pianist and keyboard player Jonathan Doherty. He has written and performed for various original bands and played for tribute acts and theatre shows across the UK. He is currently playing […]