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NEW from Ashea – ‘Watcha Thinkin’ (Steve Smart & WestFunk Remix)

This info first appeared on PressParty

WatchaThinkin is this year’s summer club banger written, produced & performed by talented pop sensation Ashea. The young star’s debut single features remixes from Steve Smart &Westfunk (Kiss FM DJ, previously remixed for Jason Derulo, Fuse ODG and Chris Malinchak) and a sun kissed video shot in Ibiza.

Ashea (described as Rita Ora meets Sia) was born in the seaside town of Hastings to a family of singers & performers. She was a dedicated musician from an early age and by 11 was rehearsing 6 days a week for competitions, exams and auditions.

“I´ve always had music playing around me, I grew up in big Victorian house and part of it was converted into dance studios which my nan, mum and aunty owned… so pretty much every night of the week when I came home from school there would be dance, drama and singing classes going on downstairs which I would take part in and help out with the younger kids! “

Ashea releases new song mix
Ashea releases new song mix

The hard work paid off and Ashea won a full scholarship at the renowned Laine Theatre Arts School in London. She was then picked for the leading role for Disney Tokyo where she played the characters Cinderella, Ariel, and Cruelladevil. Ashea worked with RAab Stevenson vocal coach of Rihanna and Justin Timberlake and was given career advice by pop legend Kelly Rowland during her sessions. With her performance skills honed, Ashea returned to Europe to learn music production.

“I started off producing on my laptop in the dining room and learning from youtube tutorials. It was really tough but what kept me going was that every time I created a track, I was getting better, and every time I discovered a new and improved way of doing things which I just had to try out!”

Ashea’s commitment to artistry can be clearly seen in her self-produced, written & performed debut single WatchaThinkin and we can expect a long career from this multi-talented young artist. Look out for her album out 2015.