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Lana Del Rey admits she “resented” becoming a full-time musician “every day”

Lana Del Rey has opened up on how she deals with negative feedback.

Speaking to Clash magazine, the US star said that after the release of her 2012 major label debut ‘Born To Die’ there were moments where she wanted to give up on her career.

The ‘West Coast’ star said of receiving criticism after her rise to fame and whether she resented becoming a musician:

“All the time. Every day. I didn’t want to do it, ever. You can make music, just for making music – you don’t have to put it on YouTube. That was definitely a viable option for me. I have a lot of passions and making music was always something I would do for fun.


“But from what happened, it wasn’t worth it most of the time. It’s still not really worth all the bullsh*t. But, meeting people like Dan Auerbach, making a record [‘Ultraviolence’] that is perfect for me, and being able to tell my story through music – that is totally amazing. But that is where it begins and ends. Sometimes I meet people who are really cool, but most of the time it isn’t like that.”

Del Rey meanwhile is due to release her new album ‘Ultraviolence’ on June 16.

Watch Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ video below: