Chasing some Tunes…

Bad Behaviour – Mabel

“People assumed for a long time that pop stars were these angelic, almost godlike beings,” Mabel McVey tells Apple Music. “I feel like over the last few years artists have said, ‘F**k it. I’m just going to be human.’” High […]

No.6 Collaborations Project – Ed Sheeran

This record was based on one I made in 2010 called No.5 Collaborations Project with a load of artists I liked. I had a little folder on my laptop called No.6 Collaborations Project, so I started ringing up people who […]

Freya Ridings – Freya Ridings

“I wanted this album to be more about connection than trying to be perfect,” Freya Ridings tells Apple Music. Two years of performing soulful acoustic pop to fans around the UK and releasing two live albums has inspired this powerful, […]

The Lion King: The Gift – Beyoncé

In the lead-up to the release of The Lion King: The Gift, a collection of music inspired by the 2019 reboot of the classic Disney film, Beyoncé remarked that the project was meant to be “a love letter to Africa”. […]

SONIC JOY Records present ‘TranceMission’ from Leon Phoenix

SONIC JOY Records present ‘TranceMission’, the 2nd Single of LEON PHOENIX, a brand-new music project by producer & songwriter John Meisel. The colourful combination of multifaceted Trance & EDM styles enriched with awesome vocalists and ethno elements, propels unique sounds, […]

last victorian death squad–LVDS

Last Victorian Death Squad are an alternative/Noise Pop outfit who spend their creative time between the UK, Sweden and Latvia. LVDS deliver feedback drenched melodies surrounded by walls of distortion. Think  Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and […]