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Tune of the Moment - SYBS - Flex on the Beat

Magical Beasts – Peninsula

Peninsula is a concept album which drops in on its characters in various states of evolution/devolution as they try to find their way in the world and grow as people.   Get the full review here

Don McLean – Botanical Gardens

It is probably his best work for many years, not perfect but filled with elements of wonder and intrigue. Get the full review here

Jack J Hutchinson – Paint No Fiction

Jack J Hutchinson is exactly what keeps my musical interests alive – he has soul, talent and believes in his music. Works for me. Get the full review here 

Fourth Dimension – Millennial Kingdom Vol. 2

Every song on this album is equally thrilling and monumental. Giachello and his band have crafted another six movements of mind-blowing atmospheres that not only show off their chops (which they have in spades) but create new unexplored sonic landscapes […]

Peter Kaukonen – Crazy Quilt

OK, so I have picked my jaw up off the floor and gone back in to listen to this album a few more times. Read the full Review here 

John Forrester – Restless

This is Forrester’s fourth album and I have to say that he takes me back to the real days of bedsit heroes and singer/songwriters who can put over emotion Get the full review here

The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin You Life

Returning with their first album in 3 years, English pop trio The Wombats resurrect with 11 absolute indie anthems. It’s been 11 years since the Liverpool band released ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ and three since third album ‘Glitterbug’ reached […]

Danny Bryant – Revelation

Something has happened to Danny Bryant and I would say that, musically, it is all to the good – this album is exactly as its name says, a ‘Revelation’. For more up to the minute Reviews click here