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Aberdeen band release new EP

The Framed are a 4-piece band from Aberdeen consisting of Glynn McGregor (drums), Gareth Burr (guitars), Steve Ross (rhythm guitar) and Jamie Reid (vocals and bass).

The Framed "I Don't Know'
The Framed “I Don’t Know’

The group formed due to a distinct love of all things musical driven by a desire to get out of working 9 to 5. Their music is upbeat rock with some punk simplicity, indie sensibilities and some sometimes naive and thoughtful lyrical content thrown in for a more Vindaloo type kick.

The band have recently recorded their debut EP at Monnow Valley Studios with producer Paul Tipler and mastered it at Metropolis Studios with John Davis. With the release of the EP ” I Don’t Know ” this month, their first festival performance already behind them and strings of gigs, the future should be exciting for the band.

“I Don’t Know” is the latest single from The Framed and will be released on 30 June 2014.

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